Travel Budget Template Sheet

The Travel Budget Template Sheet is your way to efficiently create a budget for your vacation. Save time and money by using this convenient template to create a budget sheet for all the different expenses associated with travel. You can go online and compare prices and list all the information of the best prices you find on this one document. No more back and forth research for all the deals you find, this template is the perfect tools to save you money on your next exciting journey.

Travel Budget Template Sheet Guide

Start by downloading the free template file by clicking the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Once you have your Travel Budget downloaded to your computer and saved, you can start to customize the document to for your unique travelling needs.
You’ll start in the top section of the document to enter the budget amount you want to stick with for your entire trip. This should cover all your expenses that you’ll enter in the next step.

Now, you will enter all your expenses for your trip. The Budget Template gives you a few examples to get started but you can easily change these to whatever you want.

To change one of the pre-written examples, click inside the cell you want to change and write something new.

In the expenses section you will enter a one-two word description of the expense, the category it falls under, the quantity, unit cost, and the template will give the final amount based on these factors.

After you enter all this information you will scroll back to the top of your screen to receive a comprehensive breakdown of all the expenses you listed. It will sort them by the category you listed and show how much each category takes up.

You can use this information to find the cheapest routes and get your cost down to a price within your total budget.

Download: Travel Budget Template Sheet

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