Travel Details Sheet

Everything from your basic itinerary to your hotel information can be easily listed for your next trip by using the Travel Details Sheet. This template has everything you need to properly plan ahead of time for your trip. If you stop to think about all the planning that goes into a trip, it’s no wonder why things seem to fall through the crack, at least occasionally. Keeping track of the various numbers, addresses, and flight times for a trip is probably the biggest hassle of traveling. However, all of these items can be placed into one convenient document simply by downloading the template below.

How to Use the Travel Details Sheet

You will need to download the template by clicking on the link provided for you at the bottom of this page.

Next, enter the year of your trip at the top of the page. You can see that the template is broken into separate categories, each with their own color.

The blue table is for listing your basic itinerary. This includes flight times and things of this nature. This section will ensure you have everything you need to get to your destination on time.

The red table is for your activities. This is a bit more fun because you can enter items that you want to accomplish while you are away. This could include visiting a tourist attraction, going to a show, and eating out.

The orange table is pretty important because this is where your hotel information will go. You can list the duration of your stay and the rates of your hotel as well.

The final green table is intended as a miscellaneous section to jot down ideas for fun travel plans you might want to explore once you get to your destination.

With this free template, you’ll always know what to do next, download the Travel Details Sheet today.

Download: Travel Details Sheet

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