Travel Expense Report

Travel Expense Report Template

One of the most common reports used by businesses and companies around the world is the travel expense report, so odds are you will have to do one at some point. Fortunately with a little help from the Travel Expense Template it will take no time at all to create your very own report with all the information you need. This quick guide will help you understand how to use this travel expense report template so you can get started right now.

Why Download the Travel Expense Report Template?

Perhaps the best thing about this travel expense report template is that it is completely free to download. Once you have it downloaded, it will only take a few clicks to get everything setup and ready to go. Once you are comfortable with how it works, you will have no trouble at all creating travel expense reports. Fortunately this template was also made to be customized, so if something does not quite fit what you need to do it’s easy to change or add features.

Using this template is remarkably easy; once you have downloaded the template simply open it up in Excel to get started. Once the template is open in Excel you will see a variety of information boxes to fill in, including: Name, Date Submitted, and a spreadsheet for actual expenses. The spreadsheet section is the most important as this is where you will list any and all expenses from your travel. Include any and all available information in the travel expense report so the report can be tracked and approved more easily.

Once you have input all of the necessary information into the travel expense report Excel template the template will automatically calculate your total reimbursement amount as well as total expenses.

That is all there is to it, you have just successfully created a complete report. From here you can either save the report and email it or simply print it out for future use. Make sure to hold on to the travel expense report excel template as it will definitely come in handy later.

Download the Travel Expense Template from Microsoft Office: Travel Expense Report

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