Travel Quick Sheet

New travels fast and now so do you. The Travel Quick Sheet was designed to make planning travel quick and efficient. The best way to plan your next trip is by using a document that can store your flight times, hotel information, and the activities you have in store. The template utilizes color-coordinated tabs to keep track of all this important information so you’ll always have it handy. No more worrying if you’ll miss your flight or check-in time at your hotel. You have the power to take control of your trip this year. Follow the instructions below for more information.

How to Use the Travel Quick Sheet

You can download the Travel Quick Sheet instantly by clicking the link below.

There are four tabs that open different pages at the bottom of the template screen. They each have their own color and will be used in different ways.

For example, the “Basic Itinerary” tab is the first page you’ll see and this is where all your flight information will go. You will enter the date of your flight, the time of the flight, departure and arrival information and even the cities.

Go to the activities folder when you have your flight information entered into the document. Whenever you go out to eat, go see a show or anything else, enter the date, description, and cost for your items here. The template will calculate the totals for you in the last column of the document.

The next section is pretty obvious; this is where your hotel information will go. Similarly, you will enter the date, details, contact info, and rates of the hotel in this orange tab.
If you want to list any extra fun activities for yourself, you can simply jot them down in the final green tab of the template.

Once you have everything ready to go, feel free to print the document by pressing File then Print at the top of your screen.

Download: Travel Quick Sheet

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