Trick or Treat Template

Free Trick or Treat Template

PowerPoint presentations have become ubiquitous in the business world, but they are very common in the academic world as well. Even elementary school children are used to the format of the PowerPoint presentation, so why not create slides that have appeal to youthful eyes? Even if you do not have the time or artistic ability, with this Trick or Treat Template you can create a Halloween-themed slideshow that will capture the attention of young kids or adults with a sense of whimsy.

The focus of interest in this design is a droll ghost cartoon over a pleasing purple background. A band of darker purple beneath the text box calls attention to your message, despite the exciting design. Across the top of the Trick or Treat Template is the phrase “Trick or Treat” in a thematically appropriate font and another small cartoon ghost.

How to Use the Trick or Treat Template

  • Simply download the Trick or Treat Template, which is available on this website for free.
  • Next, extract the file to a folder you’ve designated for this project. Most windows programs will suggest Winzip, but you can use whatever unzip program you feel most comfortable with. Once the file has been extracted, open the document in PowerPoint, and you are ready to begin.
  • Click on the text box next to the ghost and type your message.

Tips for Using the Trick or Treat Template

  • This design is an excellent choice to capture the attention of children, as their eyes will be drawn to the cute cartoon ghost, who just happens to be situated right next to your message.
  • You can use these slides for a presentation about Halloween safety, an upcoming Halloween event, or a sophisticated trick or treating plan. It can also be mixed and matched with other holiday themed designs for a presentation of a year-round schedule.
  • A humorous way to use this slide might be in a business presentation, to illustrate something your employees must watch out for, or perhaps an opportunity to turn around a bad situation. Adding a sense of fun to the slide can help a warning message go down easier, as well as be more memorable for your audience.

Download: Trick or Treat Template

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