Trucker Logbook

The Microsoft trucker logbook is designed to be a trucker’s new best friend. This user-friendly template can make documenting your daily tasks and activities the easiest thing you will do on the road. The trucker logbook is available as an instant download on this page courtesy of Simply click on the link located on this page to begin using this handy template today!

About the Microsoft Trucker Logbook

The trucker logbook comes in the form of a straightforward Microsoft Excel template. Anyone with basic knowledge of Microsoft or Excel should have absolutely no problem using the template. With the Microsoft trucker logbook, you can document when you were:

  • Off Duty
  • On Duty
  • Sleeping
  • Driving

And that’s not all. You can add the company’s name, logo and address quickly and easily to the trucker logbook. You can also add the current day, month and year for your daily log, as well as your name and identification number.

As designed, adding information to the Microsoft trucker logbook is a snap. The first step is to add the date of the event. Next, add the time. You are free to use military or standard time, whichever you prefer. Finally, add notes for the event, such as where you were, what you did, or what you dropped off or picked up.

All elements of the trucker logbook are customizable and created with the user in mind. Feel free to be creative so the trucker logbook works best for you!

Download the Trucker Logbook from Microsoft Today!

Truckers know the importance of keeping a daily log of all of your activities. They also know how much they are responsible for during the course of a day or trip. That’s why the Microsoft trucker logbook is designed with the user in mind. You can quickly add all of your day’s activities and get back to being focused on the road.

Download the trucker logbook for free here today. It’s just one of the hundreds of Microsoft spreadsheets and templates available here at that are designed to make your daily life a little bit easier!

Download: Trucker Logbook

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