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A great way to relax and rewind is to get a tasty snack and drink and park it in front of the TV. Watching television can bring family and friends together a few times a week to enjoy their favorite characters and programs. DVRs have recently become commonplace and are part of almost every cable TV watcher’s repertoire. But there are some people who like to watch shows live if they truly love the show or if they want something to talk about at the water cooler the next day at work. For these folks, using the free TV Schedule template can assist you in scheduling what shows you want to watch and when they’re on.

Using the Excel TV Schedule Template

You’ll have the television schedule template up and running in no time flat. Download the free template and open it. Follow the simple steps below to get all your programs scheduled in the template.

  • The workbook will open to the TV Shows worksheet. You’ll see some placeholder shows, namely Dexter and Fringe, among others. Go through your favorite shows and list them, one by one. In the Recurring Day column, insert what day the show is on. If the program is actually a one-day special, there’s room to enter this information as well.
  • You’ll need to record the show’s start time as the next step. Put the channel name in the spreadsheet next, followed by the name of the programs. Keep adding all your shows to the template.
  • Switch over to the Weekly Schedule template. Remember all the settings and information we just entered? Well the template automatically populates the schedule with the channel, time, and shows that you entered on the preceding worksheet.

By using the free Excel TV Schedule Template, effortlessly schedule all your favorite shows so that you won’t miss anything again!

Download: TV Schedule Template

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