Umbrella Chart

Free Umbrella Chart

An Umbrella Chart may be exactly what you need to track or divide up information and make it useful. Here you’ll find some tips and a chart which you can make your own, on your computer.

Tips For Creating Your Own Umbrella Chart

This chart is downloadable, easy – to – use, and lets you tailor it to your needs. An Umbrella Chart can be used to explore, in depth, any subject you choose. The chart is circular and has many slices around the interior, and another circle in the middle. The Umbrella Chart is downloadable for free right here! It’s highly customizable for any subject or topic.

Here are some helpful hints on using this Umbrella Chart:

  1. Download this template
  2. Save template and save it in a file
  3. Choose your topic and write it in the middle of the chart
  4. Place details of your topic in a corresponding slice
  5. Do this until your slices are full
  6. Change the color
  7. Make it smaller or larger
  8. Use it for a brainstorming session
  9. Save it again

You now have a usable, customized solution to your topic and the information is arranged in a usable fashion. This is great tool for brainstorming sessions, essays or researching a subject. Reports are easy to read and distinguish informational resources, when charting is used.

You may find a chart useful when writing short stories, books or articles; helping you keep your plots and characters in line with the story. Maybe you have kids that like puppies, and you want to create and print out fun facts about for them. Teachers may find that this chart helps them in the classroom or for coaches coaching your teen’s school sports team, or grade school teams. Any way you use it, it’s a great tool for fun and for business!

Download: Umbrella Chart

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