Utilities and Services Detail List

It can be a pain to deal with a problem from one of your many providers. These days, it seems like each of your house bills and services come with their own company that you have to keep a running record of to get their attention. The Utilities and Services Detail List is a free template where you can save all this contact information in one place. This Detail List is easily customized to suit your lifestyle and the services you enjoy on a daily basis. Read the information below to learn how to use the free document for your personal needs.

Using the Utilities and Services Detail List

Downloading the free template to your computer is as simple as clicking the link at the bottom of your screen.

Each of your service providers are listed in their own tables as a separate category. Scrolling down the page, you’ll find both services and utilities and a list of examples for each.

Start in the services table and begin by changing the individual items to services that you frequently use. Let’s use an example. Maybe you have a gym membership that you want to keep track of. Simply click in one of the items you want to change and write “Gym.”

The next step is to enter the actual name of the company on the indicated line. Using the same gym membership, you would merely list the name of your gym, “Gold’s Gym.”

The last thing you’ll need to enter is the phone number of that company or business in the last column of the document. Some businesses may prefer email or another form of contact; you can either just write that information instead or change the header above to “Email.”

Scroll down the page and you will do the same with the utility table. This section is for your bills, such as gas, electric, water, trash, etc. Again, feel free to change these or add more to your list.

When you have all your services and utilities listed out, you can print the page by clicking “File” then “Print” up at the top of your screen.
You can download the Utilities and Services Detail List free today.

Download: Utilities and Services Detail List

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