Vacation and Work Planning Calendar Template

Planning a vacation has never been simpler, and to make it even easier, you can get your work schedule back on track after your perfect getaway is complete. With this easy to use excel template, you can keep track of the days you have your planned vacation, or just the time you want to take off to escape the grind. It’s also perfect for managers that need to follow multiple employee schedules.

How to use this Calendar

As soon as you open the document you can see a simple formatted monthly schedule, color coordinated to fit your unique time off. You can customize the color key in any way you want, they indicate if the time you won’t be attending work is vacation, sick leave, or just personal time off. You can customize the document for any day or month of the year, so if you have just one vacation in mind or several, this template will give you the ease of mind needed to enjoy every minute of your time off. This calendar allows you to keep track of vacations or sick time for the entire year, so you never have to second-guess yourself or wonder if you’re losing money. The total days column will track it all.

Why choose this template for your vacation?

Keeping track of an employee’s time off or multiple employees can be a hassle. This calendar is perfect for both managers and employees who don’t want to worry if they’re missing something important. This template is a perfect tool for both employees and employers. While employees can keep track of all their time off and know ahead of time if they are running out of sick time or vacation time, employers can use this spreadsheet to schedule shifts or see if they need to grow to cover time off. This calendar is an invaluable tool for keeping everyone’s time on track.

Download: Vacation and Work Planning Calendar Template

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