Vacation Itinerary Planner

The Vacation Itinerary Planner

Planning your next vacation does not have to be hectic. When you use a vacation itinerary planner, you can map out all the details of your trip before you even start to pack. Using a template to organize your itinerary will make the job of organizing your vacation even easier. A quick download of the template and you are ready to plan ahead so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

How to Use the Vacation Itinerary Planner

This Excel vacation itinerary planner template is free to download and completely customizable to suit your needs. It is simple to use, and you can download it directly from this page.

  • After you download the template, fill in the destinations that you will visit as well as details like the dates you will arrive and depart, whether you will need a passport or visa and what languages locals will speak.
  • Next, note how you will move from place to place in the transportation section of the itinerary, which includes a place to note the cost of each type of transportation and whether you will need a reservation.
  • After that, fill in details for the financial aspect of your trip. Include current exchange rates, the local currency and where you can exchange money.
  • Fourth, fill in the items that you will take with you on your trip. Each trip is different, so change the column headings to match your particular vacation.
  • Finally, write down the people and businesses you will need to contact during your holiday, as well as their addresses and phone numbers.

Tips for Customizing the Vacation Itinerary Planner

  • Add a column in the contacts section to include websites, email addresses and instant messenger IDs for individuals and businesses.
  • If you are traveling to another country, add electronics converter for your technology to your packing list, if applicable. Consider buying or renting a pre-paid phone when you arrive or before you leave as well.
  • Create another section for pre-departure arrangements for your house. Hire a house and pet sitter if necessary, stop your mail, and perhaps ask a neighbor to watch your place and water your plants while you’re away.

A vacation itinerary planner can help make your trip enjoyable and fun by eliminating the need to make reservations or research the best way to travel from point A to point B. Make this template your own, and start enjoying your vacation before you ever leave.

Download: Vacation Itinerary Planner

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