Vacation Trip Planner

For most Americans, the term ‘vacation’ tends to be synonymous with the pinnacle of relaxation.

The painstaking planning and organizing required in the few weeks prior, however? Not nearly as much. For most vacationers, organizing a major trip can be somewhat labor-intensive in itself. From flight scheduling and delays to necessarily buying, packing and itinerary planning, a bit of legwork tends to be required when mapping out a family’s ideal getaway.

But while most may cringe at the notion of outlining a massive vacation itinerary, as one Dutch study recently revealed, the planning itself may not be as much of a daunting task as we think.

According to the study, 974 individuals out of the 1,530 adults surveyed found the most happiness in the weeks leading up to a major vacation. Whether you attribute it to an increased sense of anticipation, or simply the satisfaction of knowing your Tahiti-getaway will be flawless, there’s something to be said for finding joy in the process.

And with the Vacation Trip Planner from, vacationers can effectively brainstorm, organize and plan a memorable holiday. Vacation Trip Planner from

Key Features of the Vacation Trip Planner

The Vacation Trip Planner includes separate tabs for outlining a:

  • Travel Checklist. Ensure your transportation, packing and planning needs are arranged.
  • Vacation Budget. Track and plan potential costs associated with your trip, including airfare, hotel, food and rentals.
  • Tour Itinerary. Includes specific destinations, transportation methods, and lodging information.
  • Camping Trip Planner. Compile potential campgrounds, as well as any necessary camping supplies for the stay.
  • Travel Photo Log. Store your vacation’s most precious memories. Include specific resolution, file size, and print size details.

Tips Outlining Your Dream Holiday

Although planning for your perfect vacation will require some sincere time and effort, when finished, the rewards will be plentiful.

  • Be sure to take ‘Murphy’s Law’ into account. In other words, anything wrong that might happen during your holiday, could certainly happen. Always prepare for emergencies, especially when traveling far from home.
  • Make a list, and check it twice. Try to envision your daily routine while on vacation. What tools might you need to have a successful holiday? And as is the case with any emergencies that might, always plan for the unexpected. This includes shifting weather forecasts.
  • Do your best to relax. While it might seem the most obvious priority on a vacation, take some time to breathe throughout your stay. Although it can be easy pressure to jam-pack your day with activities on vacation, try to save a little room each day for pure relaxation.

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