Valentine’s Day Coupons Template

Valentine’s Day Coupons Template

For a St. Valentine’s Day celebration, many couples opt for roses, chocolates, and elaborate displays of affection through instant gratification. The lonely rely on Netflix and sweatpants. But for those in a relationship, the fun of Valentine’s Day comes from being creative, and one way to do that is with a coupon. The Valentine’s Day Coupons Template is a creative opportunity to give a unique and lasting gift to someone you care about.

How to use the Valentine’s Day Coupons Template

Download the template using the link below and open it to the three pre-made coupons. There a few ways you can utilize this template. The first is to simply print out the templates and fill in the lines by hand. The second way is to fill them in using Microsoft Publisher’s tools if your handwriting is atrocious. You can also add pictures for aesthetic.

Tips for using the Valentine’s Day Coupons Template

  • Be creative. The purpose of the coupons is to surprise your partner with a fun treat. For example, you can fill one out as a coupon good for one date night at your partner’s favorite restaurant, even its Red Lobster.
  • Put effort into the coupons even though they are just a template. Think about non-generic things. If your partner loves to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians and you do not, make one coupon good for a marathon session of KUWTK.
  • Add an expiration date to the coupons in case you really want to get one activity over with.
  • After the coupons have been filled out, package them so that you are not just handing your significant other a bunch of paper. Punch holes in the corner of each coupon and put them in a ribbon, or present them in a nice box.

Download the Valentine’s Day Coupons Template

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