Valentine’s Day Love Letter

It can be difficult to express how you feel about your significant other on something as small as a Valentine’s Day card. It can seem kind of rushed or impersonal when you give someone a card that doesn’t capture everything you want to say. The Valentine’s Day Love Letter is a way for you to write down how much your loved one means to you in a much more meaningful way. The novelty of letters is not lost on the digital age but so few people stop to write them, making them more unique and special to the person you make it for. The template has everything you need to blow them away this Valentine’s Day; all you need to do is write how you feel.

Valentine’s Day Love Letter

First, you need to download the template by clicking on the link provided at the bottom of this page.

Everything you need to write your personal love letter is ready and waiting on one page. To the right of the document is where you’ll write down how much your special someone means to you. Don’t leave out a single detail. Remember, this isn’t a simple Valentine’s Day card so really pour out your heart and soul.

You’ll also notice a preselected love poem at the center of the page. This is nice, but if you want to choose something more meaningful to your relationship specifically, you can easily add a photo or write your own poem.

To change the pre-written text, just click anywhere inside the text box and start typing something new. You can also change the stock photo to something more personal by right-clicking the image and choosing “Change Picture” from the menu.

When you’ve finished your literary masterpiece, all that’s left to do is print the sheet to give to your loved one. Press “File” in the Home ribbon and select “Print”. From there, you can choose to mail it them or give it to them by hand on your Valentine’s Day date.

Set yourself apart from the rest this year by using the Valentine’s Day Love Letter.

Download: Valentine’s Day Love Letter

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