Vehicle Service History Record Template

This template is perfect tool for any large or small vehicle repair business. You can finally keep track of your transactions and make convenient invoices for your clients with one document. The template is also formatted in a way that can easily be customized for your own business. Whether you work in your own garage or have a large successful business, this template is the perfect way to track all of this information.

Vehicle Service History Record Template Instructions

Simply download the free file below and you’ll be able to start customizing the History Record to fit your unique filing system. Everything is located on one page for your convenience and all of the necessary information is titled for you to enter the specific transaction amounts.

First, enter the information for your client and their vehicle located at the top. This document already lists everything needed to keep track of the car. Below that you enter today’s date and the mileage of the vehicle.

The last table gives you a multitude of examples that are often associated with vehicle repair costs. However, you can change that information to services that are more common for your business. Simply click on any cell with pre-written text and start typing over it.

Once you have all your information entered into the template, you can fill out the blank sections for a specific job. The History Record Template will automatically calculate the separate services and give you and your client the total at the bottom. You can then print off the sheet and start collecting your hard earned cash!

Why Use the Vehicle Service History Record Template?

This template offers any vehicle repair business a free way to store their transactions and make a detailed invoice at the same time. The professional looking design is straightforward and easy to customize. Your clients will be able to read and understand the services you performed and the total amount they owe at the bottom. Start organizing your business today with this free template!

Download: Vehicle Service History Record Template

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