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Free Voting Template

Few things set the free world apart more than the ability to decide freely who one’s leadership will be. Sadly, the use of the ability to choose is also one of the least remembered civic tasks. Help your friends and family to remember to exercise this ability by emailing them a reminder to go vote. To structure your reminder, the use of the voting template for Microsoft Outlook can help.

How to Use the Voting Template

  • First, download the voting template onto your computer. Open the template in Outlook for easy access.
  • Second, gather the contact information of those you wish to remind into an email group. Then add the template to a mass email for the group.
  • Third, be sure to add the date of the upcoming election. Remember also to add what kind of election it is caucus, primary, or general election. In the body of the email, remind them of any voting procedures such as precinct location changes or voter fraud protections that have been set up in recent years.

Tips on Using the Voting Template

  • First, remember to exercise the right to vote personally. Your reminder to vote will be better received if you practice what you preach.
  • Second, with some minor changes of graphic, this template could also be used for reminders of club elections as well as governmental elections. These reminders then could help ensure that every club member has a voice in the club.
  • Third, changing the template could also serve as a rallying call for the other method by which citizens of the free world make their wishes known, calling the elected representatives about the votes they cast on the people’s behalf. In such a use, be sure to include the topic of the vote in question.

Sadly, one of the greatest privileges of the free world, the right to vote, is one of the most easily forgotten. To change this situation within one’s own sphere of influence, a clear reminder of the times and dates set for citizens to use the right to vote is needed. The use of the voting template email reminder for Outlook from can be helpful in bringing attention to this privilege.

Download: Voting Template

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