Warehouse Inventory

Free Warehouse Inventory

For anyone wanting a head start building a tracking database for warehouse inventory, this Excel template is the answer. It’s an adaptable, expandable template that can integrate with all of your Excel applications. Here is a brief overview, with instructions, that will help you use this template to take control of your warehouse inventory for good.

Using the Warehouse Inventory Template

Microsoft has provided yet another useful tool for business in their Excel template library. This warehouse inventory template gives accountants, warehouse workers and loss prevention specialists a head start on system that can be used to track any product stored in a warehouse. Like all templates found on this website, it is free and easy to download. Anyone with a basic understanding of Excel can customize this template to the specific needs of their own company. With an intermediate knowledge, you can build graphs and tables that can be used in reports and presentations. This template can use any feature you would expect from your Excel program.

You can start by making sure that you change headings and colors to those used by your business or organization. Then, make sure all of the columns are labeled with the specific needs of your company’s warehouse inventory. Change the ones that are already there, or add and remove columns at will. These columns can also be oriented to cash values, or dates, for tracking the value of inventory, shipping and receiving and to help with FIFO stock rotation. Next, you can link cells to other columns or sheets that are used in equations. So, when you change information in one spot, it stays consistent throughout the entire database.

If you find that you could use other templates to assist the use of your warehouse inventory template, you can get dozens of them right here. You can find them to accommodate everything from home-based small business to large corporations. They can be an invaluable aid in counting and tracking both your debts and assets. Those who have taken advantage of these free, downloadable templates available for Excel know how much of a time saving benefit they can be.

Download: Warehouse Inventory

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