Wealth Accumulation Calculator

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Financial concerns have been a jewel and a cross to bear for many people. We attend higher education institutions to become better earners (while doing something you love, hopefully) and live the way we always dreamt. The good news is that more money affords you to buy more things. The bad news is you still have to budget your money and watch how you spend. That is where this wealth accumulation calculator comes in. This is a free template that is easy to use, and fully customizable in Microsoft Excel.

​With this template you can crunch in the numbers and calculate how much wealth your building. This template can help you reach your financial goals and stay on track. Enter the amount you would like to have and see how much you will have to save. This template is very elaborate and customizable allowing the user to specify different parameters and test different scenarios.​

How to Use the Wealth Accumulation Calculator

  • ​Enter your financial information into the cells. Depending on how you have your template setup it will automatically conduct or execute the operation once the cursor leaves the cell.
  • Look over the information to check its accuracy. Make any necessary or desired adjustments.
  • Save the file. Return on a set schedule to ensure consistency and accuracy.

​Tips for Using this Template​

  • First, make it a habit to periodically check, reference, and update the information you have entered into the template. Make the necessary adjustments during your evaluation. This will better help you meet your financial goals.
  • Secondly, use this gathered data to formulate a plan. By having collected data that spans over a period of time, you will have a better detailed picture of your financial history. This will help predict an accurate future by literally allowing you to see how your money is actually working towards building your wealth.

Using this template will give you the tools to facilitate increasing your worth and allowing you to create and adhere a powerful strategy so you can claim financial independence.

Download: Wealth Accumulation Calculator

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