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Planning a wedding is never easy as there are many things that need to be kept in mind. There are various expenses, things to plan, and items to purchase. To make the process easier to manage, download the wedding budget template from Microsoft Excel. This excel wedding budget template is perfect for organizing the expenses you expect to encounter during the wedding process. It is also a useful tool in sticking to a budget, because there are clear sections with estimated and actual spending. Do not let your wedding run over budget due to a lack of organization; get the wedding budget spreadsheet template today.

How to Use the Wedding Budget Template

To use this wedding budget template, simply download it and open the file in Microsoft Excel. Once the file is opened, it is necessary to create a new save. This ensures that the empty template is available if you should ever need it. Begin editing the document by adding estimated costs for each section of the wedding budget.

The excel wedding budget template will automatically calculate the total apparel and total decoration costs. Once the estimated costs are complete, begin adding actual costs for certain sections. When the wedding budget spreadsheet template is complete, you will see how much money has been spent. This will allow you to adjust spending in other sections, to ensure that the budget is not exceeded.

Tips for Ensuring Your Wedding is a Financial Success

There are sections for an engagement ring, wedding rings, shoes, jewelry, bridal gown, groom’s tuxedo, candles, lighting, balloons, etc. These sections can be edited with ease, allowing you to maneuver the budget template to include everything you believe is pertinent. Remember to make sure that the formulas are corrected, copied and pasted whenever you add a new wedding budget subsection, as this will ensure the total estimated/actual costs are accurate. This wedding budget can be printed out, shared via email, and edited at various stages of wedding planning.

The stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming, which is why the wedding budget template is so useful. This excel wedding budget template helps couples maintain a budget while realizing their dream of having a fabulous wedding.

Download the Wedding Budget Template from Microsoft Office: Wedding Budget Template

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