Wedding Day Event Planner

A complete overview of your perfect wedding day, this planner is your ticket to organizing the major aspects or your wedding and having specific details readily available whenever you need them. This template will guide you through the necessary steps to create your perfect wedding day without the hassle of extra features and add-ons or the price of an expensive wedding planner. The Event Planner has everything you need to get started right away and start your future with the person you love!

Wedding Day Event Planner Instructions

Start by entering the information that is associated with the various suppliers and vendor of your wedding in the far left column of the page. This template has already provided you with some common examples for a wedding. You can go through and add or change these examples by clicking on the desired cell and start typing in your new information.

In the next column you can add the name of the company or individual you are hiring for that service. The next section is for entering any contact information about your supplier or vendor, followed by their email address, the payment details, their time of arrival for your special day, and finally any extra notes you want to leave about that company.

After you have thoroughly gone through and entered all of the corresponding information into your Event Planner you’ll be ready to print the sheet. Simply click the “File” tab at the top of the screen and select “Print” from the drop-down menu to have your very own planner!

Top 3 Reasons to use the Wedding Day Event Planner

  • Simple layout for quick assessment
  • Customization is easy and fast
  • Printable for you to take everywhere

Download: Wedding Day Event Planner

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