Wedding Photo Album

Free Wedding Photo Album

Are you recently married and looking for a way to elegantly display your wedding photography in a screen presentation that captures the beauty of your special day? Are you a wedding photographer looking to impress a client? Or a married couple seeking a way to highlight their anniversary? This formal wedding photo album template for Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 contains seventeen unique slides with a multitude of fully customizable layouts and border designs to enhance any photo presentation.

How to Use the Wedding Photo Album Template for PowerPoint

  • First, download the template. Look no further, the wedding photo album template is available for free right here on this page.
  • Second, open the template in PowerPoint; it is fully customizable so just let your creativity flow and have fun.
  • Third, the wedding photo album template couldn’t be easier to use. Just insert your images and add custom captions and text as you see fit. It is as easy as that and, of course, it is all downloadable right here.

Tips for Using The Wedding Photo Album Template for PowerPoint

  • First, while this template can accommodate color images, it is specifically designed to accentuate the timeless beauty of black and white. But, color images can look wonderful as well! Let your own style dictate.
  • Second, all images and text in the template can be re-sized, replaced or relocated to tailor the album according to individual tastes and preferences.
  • Third, while the template is fully customizable, it is important to consider simplicity in design when adding and resizing your photographs. Too many images coupled with too much text can create a cluttered look that can distract from the beauty of the album. People’s tastes vary, but consider reserving each slide for your favorite pictures and let them really shine. You can always add more slides with more images instead of trying to fit too many pictures all on one. But once again, let your own style dictate.

So, when you want to highlight that special day in a sophisticated presentation to show again and again, use the wedding photo album template for PowerPoint and wow your viewers with a slide show instead of just an ordinary photo album. You may also want to consider downloading the Black and White wedding design set which includes wedding invitations, save the date cards and return address labels.

Download: Wedding Photo Album

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