Wedding Planner Checklist

What makes the perfect wedding? It depends on who you ask. Only you know what will make your wedding meaningful as well as memorable to all your friends and family members. The Wedding Planner Checklist is a free template that allows you to customize the document to fit all of your wedding related needs. Download the free file below to start editing your own Wedding Planner Checklist. If you want to have the wedding you’ve been imagining in your head come to life, there’s no better way of achieving that than with this template.

How to use the Wedding Planner Checklist

Start your checklist by entering the details of your wedding in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You will enter the wedding date, bride and groom’s name and the address of the wedding venue.

The first and only step to ending your new Planner Checklist is to go through the document and change any of the text to items that will relate more for your wedding.

To change any of the example items simply highlight the text with your mouse and write something new. You can even use this method to change the categories to help with organization.

When you have made all the necessary edits and changes to your personalized Wedding Checklist, you can print the document to carry with you when you go to complete these tasks.

To print the document, just press the “File” button located at the top of your screen in the Home ribbon and choose “Print” from the drop-down menu. Once you have your printed copy of the checklist, you can go through the sheet task list and know that everything you need to plan the perfect wedding has been completed.

Don’t let the small details ruin your dream wedding. Download the Planner Checklist to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Download: Wedding Planner Checklist

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