Wedding Planning Checklist

Bells are ringing this year and you have a few decisions to make for your special day. The Wedding Planning Checklist is a free tool designed to help you plan every element of your wedding this year. The simple document is structured just like a checklist and breaks down the aspects that make up any great wedding, such as the stationary, flower arrangements, etc. so you can quickly and easily check off the items that you have already taken care of for the final ceremony. This template makes planning your own wedding simple and efficient. To learn more about this free template and download if for yourself, just follow the guide below.

Using the Wedding Planning Checklist

To download the free template, just follow the link that we have provided at the bottom of this page.

Next, open the Wedding Planning Checklist file and go through the information that comes stock with this template. You may need to change a few items so the document matches your wedding plans perfectly. To change any information that you see in the template, just click a cell and start typing something new to change it.

You will then go through each of the columns and add items that you want to see in your own wedding. As an example, let’s say you’re editing the “Ceremony’ section of the template. You can keep the items that already there or change them using the above method.

When you have completely finished one of your items, you can indicate that by checking off the item. You can either print this document when you first get it or keep everything digital, it’s completely up to you.

The Wedding Planning Checklist also comes with a guest list section so you can keep track of invitations and the people coming to your dream wedding as well.

If you’re ready to tie the knot with a beautiful wedding ceremony then download the free template today.

Download: Wedding Planning Checklist

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