Wedding Table Template

The centerpiece to every wedding, the table arrangement for your guests sets the stage for your special event, and you need to make sure everything is perfectly planned ahead of time. The Wedding Table Template helps you plan the seating arrangement for your wedding. Remember, although it is your special day the position of tables and chairs will determine where everything else goes. This is very important for rehearsals. The Table Template is a simple way for you to organize this information and have a convenient visual of how your guests will be arranged on your wedding day!

Wedding Table Template Instructions

Download the free file located at the bottom of this page by clicking on the link provided to get started on your seating arrangement.

The template is very intuitive to use. It has tabs for three common table arrangements for you to generate ideas. These examples include both round and circular tables to best utilize the space of your venue.

The first three tabs are for you to start brainstorming your seating arrangement ideas. The “Your Table Plan” tab is where you will draw out the specifics of your seating chart and assign your guests a location accordingly. On this tab use the blank space provided to draw the rudimentary shape and alignment of your table coinciding with the dimensions of your wedding venue.

There are two boxes representing your tables with room for up to 10 different people for each table. Once you have your seating chart properly drawn out, you can start assigning your guests to specific seats, it’s that simple!

Why You Should Use the Wedding Table Template

To properly organize a wedding, you need to first plan out your seating arrangement. This is the foundation of any wedding because it informs you of the amount of people, how much food is required, and everything else that goes along with a wedding. The Wedding Table chart helps you build the perfect foundation in which to solidify your ideal wedding day!

Download: Wedding Table Template


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