Weekly Appointment Calendar

Free Weekly Appointment Calendar

Your time is everything. So, organizing it to work efficiently is a powerful way to achieve your goals. Using a weekly appointment calendar is a clear and concise way to record dates, appointments, deadlines and most anything; effectively allowing you to prioritize tasks according to your allotted time. Becoming a master of timing will provide opportunities to complete more tasks in a given day, and lead to a more efficient balancing of your personal and work lives. Likewise, building a reputation on the foundation of reliability is likely to reap benefits in both. The weekly appointment calendar template available on this page is a great way to get started organizing your time.

Take Advantage of Our Free and Easy-to-Use Weekly Appointment Calendar

  1. Start by downloading the file available on this page.
  2. Enter the date for the week you are tracking in the “week of” area.
  3. Next, review each day and enter information hourly, according to your scheduled appointments, deadlines, meetings etc.
  4. Input a person’s name or description of appointment/deadline in the left hand column.
  5. In the right hand column place a phone number or other information related to the commitment.

Tips for Using the Weekly Appointment Calendar

  • First a foremost, the calendar only works as far as you let it. Keep your commitments at their scheduled times to get the maximum benefit.
  • Customize the calendar to more closely meet your requirements. Change the column headers, or manipulate the layout if you have an atypical workweek. You can also change the times to adjust to your exact schedule. This will allow you get more from your weekly appointment calendar.
  • Make sure you enter a pertinent date every time you start a new calendar. This will avoid confusion if you end up having more than one of these hanging around. Choose a date like the Sunday or Monday of each week. If you have an alternative work schedule, pick whichever day would typical start your week.
  • After you complete a task/appointment, cross it out. Then you’ll be able to visualize what you’ve completed, and what you’ve got left to do.

Download: Weekly Appointment Calendar

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