Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Living with multiple people is never easy. Whether you have a Full House situation or you’re just rooming with a few friends for college, the more people in one spot usually means a bigger mess. Unless people take responsibility you’ll either be living in a garbage dump or someone will end up doing all the work. The Weekly Cleaning Schedule has everything you need to make everyone do their fair share. The best part about this type of template is that it organizes the work in such a way that each person only has to do a few tasks; making your chores easy, simple, and fast.

How to Use the Weekly Cleaning Schedule

After clicking the link at the bottom of your computer and downloading the free file to your computer, go ahead and open the file containing the document.

Once you have everything ready to go you can use this Weekly Cleaning template to start organizing the chores that need to be completed around your living space.

The first column of the Cleaning Schedule is where you will enter chores or tasks to be completed. These can be any item that is usually done in your household. Everything from shopping for groceries to cleaning the showers is available in the Cleaning Schedule.

You can also change any of the examples by clicking the desired cell and writing a new item.

The next step is to enter the name of the person assigned to the task. This way, they will be held responsible for cleaning that item.

You may also want to list the frequency of which someone is to perform the task. For example, you should probably have someone deep clean the bathrooms once a week instead of every day, as that may not be necessary.

Once you have the document completely filled out the Weekly Cleaning template, feel free to print it out as many copies as you need to give your roommates/family.

Download: Weekly Cleaning Schedule

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