Weekly Cleaning Sheet

The Weekly Cleaning Sheet can help you keep track of all the daily chores that need to be completed in your house by organizing them into one convenient sheet. You can list out all the people living in one home and assign them chores on a daily basis. This will make it easier for you and your family to divide up all the daily tasks and get things done. It also works to support an atmosphere of responsibility within children. You can have the shimmering clean home you’ve been dreaming of by downloading the free Weekly Cleaning template today.

How to Use the Weekly Cleaning Sheet

You will start in the first column of the Weekly Cleaning document by entering the daily chores that you want to assign to your family members. There are plenty of common examples to get you started but you can easily change these to items more common for your household.

Column B is where you can enter the name of your family member who is assigned to that specific task. Remember to put the name of the person performing the chore to the right of that exact task.

The next few rows are charted to fit the entire month. At the top of the columns are the days of the week and you will place a checkmark in the correct box that corresponds with the day of a particular task.

For example, if you want “Sandra” to do the dishes on Friday of the first week, you simply enter her name next to the chore and write a checkmark in the “F” column of the same row.

You can initially fill out as many weeks as you deem necessary. You can also choose to keep your document on the computer or print the sheet out for your family members to view on a daily basis. Make your house shine like new with this free Weekly Cleaning template.

Download: Weekly Cleaning Sheet

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