Wine Inventory Template

One valuable component that every successful business possesses is a proper inventory. Keeping tabs of all of your products is a necessity, especially in the case of a disastrous event. All the top leaders in the wine industry realize this and keep detailed records of their own stock. Up to date documentation can be swiftly accumulated for wine industry pioneers with the Wine Inventory Template from My Excel Templates.

This elaborate Wine Inventory is one of a kind and has areas for documentation of all your wines’ statistics. Many other inventory templates out there aren’t created for this particular product, but our free template has distinct sections just for wine. Vineyard, color, sweetness, country of origin, and alcohol content are just a few of the wine properties that you can record in our free template.

Using the free Wine Inventory Template

With the wine inventory, you’ll be able to quickly record all the most important properties for each of your wines. There are fifteen fields that can be associated with each wine along with a notes section for each item that can include any information you need. Read the simple instructions below.

  • Enter the name for each wine in the first column. The next few fields that are important include vineyard, variety, and vintage.
  • Determine the level of sweetness or dryness and record it in the appropriate column. The wine’s country of origin, region, and serving instructions are the next columns on the inventory list.
  • Recording the alcohol percentage, quantity available, and market value are the next areas that need to be addressed. These are followed by bottle size and notes about the selected wine.

Tips for the Wine Inventory Template

  • Maintain the template on a regular basis. This will help to keep your inventory up to date.
  • If need be, add extra columns to record more detailed information about each of your wines.
  • Put the logo of your company on the template to make the inventory more personal.

Download: Wine Inventory Template

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