Work Estimate Template

Contractors, consultants, and businesses of all shape and size have a series of steps involved in their service providing process. The first step is actually the most basic yet most important one. A client will ask to get an estimate on certain services that need to be performed to get a certain task completed. This situation calls for a descriptive and professional solution to let a company know just what needs to be done and how much the services to be performed will actually cost. That’s where the free Work Estimate template comes into play. Get a free copy of it today and see just how easy it is to create a work estimate!

Using the Excel Work Estimate Template

Providing a job estimate to a client tells them exactly what costs you’ll be requiring to perform the services they need. Our free Excel work estimate will help you accomplish this task with ease.

After saving the work estimate to your computer, open it with Microsoft Excel. The first step is to enter your company name, street address, city, state, and zip, along with a phone number. You should save this template so that you won’t have to change these elements every time you create a new job estimate.

You’ll have to enter the basic contact details for the company wanting services rendered next. Basic details like name, company, address, and phone number will need to be addressed. In the area adjacent, enter the estimate number and date that you performed the job estimate.

Tips for the free Work Estimate Template

  • Be as descriptive as humanly possible in the “description of work” field. Your client will need to know exactly what goals need to be achieved and what items will be needed for the job.
  • Add every item you’ll need to perform the job to the “Itemized Costs” area. If this is the client’s first time using your services, be sure to give them a discount.
  • Enter your contact info near the bottom of the work estimate template. This way, your client can easily get in contact with you.

Download: Work Estimate Template


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