Coupon Deal Log Sheet

Coupon codes and online shopping are the fastest and easiest way to avoid the traffic and bustle of major holiday and sales shopping in brick and mortar stores. The ease at which you can browse and buy online then have the item shipped directly to your home is simply amazing! This free template will help you track all those deals and, better yet, share those deals with the people you love this holiday season. Don’t miss out on a single deal by using this free template.

Coupon Deal Log Sheet Description

The Coupon Deal Log Sheet is a structured path to entering your favorite stores and any deals that they have going on and creating a mailing list to share with friends, family, and co-workers. The template gives you three separate tabs in which to enter your list of stores, email contacts, and the actual sales that your stores have going on. The main tab of the template will allow you to enter all the important data and at the very end, you can click the “send email” button to send a message to everyone on your list.

Using the Coupon Deal Log Sheet

  • Start your journey to more organized savings in the “Lists” tab. You might have guessed that this is the space to enter all the stores you want to keep an eye on for sales. You can change the examples by clicking the cell that needs to be changed and typing something new.
  • Now, you’ll want to compose a nice general email message to send out to your friends and family members. You will go to the “Email” tab to do this. You will enter the subject, message, and your regards in the indicated spaces of this template. You can also customize the structure by clicking “ALT+Enter” after selecting the message.
  • Finally, make your way to the “Coupon Deal Log Sheet” tab. Here, you will enter the name of the store, any coupon codes, dates the coupons are valid, any further details, and the email address of anyone you want to inform about that specific deal.
  • When you are finished entering your coupons/offers, you can click the “send email” to send your message out to the people you listed in column “I”.

Download: Coupon Deal Log Sheet

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