Holiday Travel Expense Calendar

The Holiday Travel Expense Calendar is the easiest and quickest way to organize your holiday expenses and monitor your spending habits this season. Too often people spend frivolously during the holidays and don’t realize this fact until it’s far too late. The Expense Calendar is a way for you to document these expenses and keep a sharp eye on everything purchased during the holidays. With all the calculations done for you, the only thing that’s needed is to enter your total expenses, and you’ll be back on your way to enjoying the holidays with your friends and family!

Holiday Travel Expense Calendar Guide

After downloading the free file below, click on the Microsoft Excel file to open the document.

Begin by entering your name and the number of people that will be accompanying you on your journey. In that same table, there is a space to enter the start and end date of your entire trip.
In the table titled, “Expenses at a Glance”, enter the total number of days that encompass your trip, after this you can go down to the main table in the center of the page.

Begin by entering the date of each day of your trip in the far left corner of this table. The next section, “Transportation” is where you can enter the cost and destination of your trip. Simply write down where you are coming from and your destination.

To the left of the “Transportation” column is the “Hotel” section. This is where you can document the daily cost of your hotel stay.

The final “Meals” columns cover your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Simply take the totals for each category at the end of the day and the calculator at the bottom of this template. The totals for each section will be added up separately, and the overall total of your trip will be displayed at the top of the Expense Calendar in the “Expenses at a Glance” table.

Best Features of the Holiday Travel Expense Calendar

  • Calculates totals automatically
  • Separates your expenses into different categories
  • Everything you need is located on one page

Save time and money this year by budgeting your holiday vacation.

Download: Holiday Travel Expense Calendar

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