New Year’s Resolution Fitness Tracker

New Year’s Resolution Fitness Tracker

One of the most common goals for people making New Year’s resolutions is to work on their fitness routine (or lack of). It’s easy, at first, to hit the gym and eat healthy for a week or two – but after not seeing any results, many give up on their resolution.  The New Year’s Resolution Fitness Tracker is a simple template that can track your calories, exercises, and overall progress all in Excel.

How to use the Excel Fitness Tracker

Begin by downloading the Excel sheet from the link below and opening it. The page is pre-populated to help you navigate your way around. The left side gray boxes have numbers that are automatically generated, so ignore those for now. Instead, change the far left text to match the exercises you take part in. The five spaces for exercises should include the activities you do regularly.

Once those are entered, move to the right. The graph above is also automatically made, so skip below that. The columns below have the spaces for the date of the activity, what you did, and the start time along with the duration of the exercise. The Total and Unit columns indicate how many miles, reps, or steps the exercise was done for.

The next category, Calories, is optional. This is how many calories you burned for that particular exercise. Your exercise machine may calculate this automatically for you, however if it doesn’t, there are many calculators online that will do it for you. The amount of calories burned differs from person to person depending on their height and weight. From the data you enter in this section, the graph above will generate to show what exercises burn the most calories.

Tips on using the New Year’s Fitness Tracker

  • The calories section is optional if your goal is to just exercise more. You can also only use one or two fitness activities if that’s all you’re focusing on.
  • Each month, start a new tracker to see how you are progressing. If your New Year’s goal is to bike 10 miles a day by June, then you can see how well you’re doing to reach that goal each month.
  • Use the tracker as a way to “compete” with your friends who have the same fitness goals as you. This will help you keep motivated and the templates will be easy to compare.

Download the New Year’s Fitness Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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