Printable Work Schedule Templates

printable work schedule templates

Organize your employees work schedules when you download this printable work schedule template. This template consists of 3 worksheets and data validation to assist with the tracking of your employees work hours. Download this printable work schedule template by clicking the link: Printable Work Schedule Templates.

Add the employees on the Employee worksheet. Define the work shifts on the Shifts worksheet. Track employees and labor cost on the Labor spreadsheet.

Using the Printable Work Schedule Templates

This work schedule template works to accurately track employee hours and work schedules. Color-coded cells make it easy to gauge employee coverage on any given day and where scheduling gaps need to be filled. This work schedule template is very popular with small business owners as well as companies that schedule by department. Download this work schedule template today to make employee scheduling much easier.

This is our most popular work schedule template thanks to it’s ease of use and straight-forward structure. This employee work schedule template makes schedule management easy with its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use customizable options. Keeping track of employee hours is crucial to ensure shifts are properly covered and vacation and sick time is properly accounted for.

Using our work schedule template will help managers and small business owners take control of employee scheduling using an easy-to-read format that minimizes the risk of error or uncovered shifts. If you enjoy using this work schedule template, please feel free to share with your friends and co-workers through Facebook and Twitter.

Download: Printable Work Schedule Templates

3 thoughts on “Printable Work Schedule Templates

  1. Tim

    “Add the Employees Employee worksheet. Define the work shifts on the Shifts worksheet. Track employees and labor cost on the Labor spreadsheet.”

    For clarification, is the employee worksheet mentioned actually the “employees” worksheet shown in the template image and is the labor spreadsheet referring to the schedule worksheet? This is not the most clear template description!

  2. Admin

    Employees are added on the Employee worksheet. Once added they appear in a drop down list on the Schedule spreadsheet. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Becky Spencer

    I need to make a schedule for volunteers, but apparently I need a password in order to change the word employee to volunteers. Is it possible to get the password to make changes?

    Admin Note:
    We have removed any password protection. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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