Employee Attendance Tracker

2011 employee attendance tracker

Use this Employee Attendance Tracker to manage your employee’s attendance. This workbook contains 5 worksheets: Summary, 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, and 4th quarter. Notate Vacation Days with a “V”, Personal Days with a “P”, and Sick Days with an “S”. Download this 2011 Employee Attendance Tracker by clicking the link available on this page!

Download: Employee Attendance Tracker


11 thoughts on “Employee Attendance Tracker

  1. Jules

    I am running it on Excel 2008 version 12.2.8 for MAC. There are different formula in this template and i do not know what to fill it for the space under date in the 1st Q, 2nd Q, 3rd Q, 4th Q to activate the formula. Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Admin

    Good morning,

    In this workbook book, you are provided about 9 spaces to enter your employee names for each month in column A. You can manually color code the type of absence by using the fill color feature in Excel.

    If you wanted a workbook that was more automated by formulas, try this one…http://www.myexceltemplates.com/2011-employee-attendance-tracker/ I think you may be referring to this spreadsheet instead of the one you commented on….

    Please advise…

  3. Jules

    Sorry for the confusion. I am using http://www.myexceltemplates.com/2011-employee-attendance-tracker but on the 1st Q page, what should i fill in to indicate an employee has taken one day or half off under a particular date. For example, if Jane Doe takes half day (AM) off on Jan 5th 2011, what exactly should i put in the box under the date Jan 5th, 2011?? Hope I made my question more understandable this time. Thanks again!

  4. Admin

    Have you tried using the letters v, p, and s on the days the employee was absent? These letters should tally the appropriate sick, vacation and personal days in the year to date summary page…Ignore the previous email, I can see the post you are referring to now…

  5. Admin

    This template only calculates full days so when you add the p or v to notate the absence, a full day is calculated. We will work on developing a future template that accounts for partial days. Sorry for this doesn’t fix your problem. I will keep your email on file and send you the revised template when it is complete.

  6. Jules

    oh i have not tried using those letters!
    I would love to receive a revised template from you Thanks for your help!

    May I suggest one more thing because most employees don’t start their first days on 1st Jan (or any other day in Jan) of a year, it has become hard to keep track of their annual leave with this template. I understand it might be the best you can offer for now but if you can solve that problem, it would be awesome! Keep up the good work and thank you so much for your prompt reply.

  7. RG

    I don’t get a template when I download using either of the links. I only get a zip file with pieces of xml. How do I get the xlsx file to open in excel or how do I use the xml files in the zip file?


  8. Admin

    You should be able to manually click on the date and change them. They aren’t linked so it will be a manual process. In future edits, we will link them to expedite changes….

    Admin – My Excel Templates

  9. Amy

    This is a wonderful template! For my tracking purposes I need to either add Tardies and Clocking Errors as additional columns, or replace 2 of Sick/Vacation/Personal with (T)ardy and (C)locking (E)rror. How can I do this and still maintain functionality?

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