Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

2011 employee vacation calendar

Use this updated Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template to monitor your employee’s vacation time.  Update the calendar when holidays, sick days, vacations, and unexpected events occur. Download this Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template by clicking the link available on this page. Start tracking your employees for free right here today!

Download: Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

18 thoughts on “Employee Vacation Tracking Calendar Template

  1. DB

    I have tried to download this a couple of times as well and I can’t get it work. I am using Microsoft Office 2010. I only get xml files as well. Please help. This was an excellent calendar last year and I would like to use it again this year. Thanks.

  2. brooke

    Hi there,
    I have Excel 2007 and unable to open this as well. If you could email me the template I would Really appreciate it!

    Thank you.

  3. Fraidycat3

    Truly wonderful. You just saved me a bunch of time. Let me know when the 2012 is available.

    Really appreciate your efforts! 🙂

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