2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

The vast majority of companies enforce stringent regulations regarding employee absences and vacation days. Keeping track of days missed due to various reasons should be a top priority. The intelligent way of tracking absences and days off would be through a convenient computer-based tool that does all the hard but necessary work for you. For easy attendance tracking, the best companies use the free 2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar.

Using the free Excel 2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Template

Each month has its own tab to make the spreadsheet easier to navigate. Its easy readability and considerable amount of options make it an ideal tool for every company. Get started using the attendance tracker by following the steps below.

  • Find the tracking calendar template at the end of this article. Go ahead and download it to your computer. Save it to a location on your desktop that will be easy to find.
  • Open the tracking calendar in Microsoft Excel or another type of spreadsheet software. It’ll open to the first sheet for January.
  • Note the default employee list and their cited days off. Learn the values in the color key to find out an employee’s reason for absence.

2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar Tips

On the left side of the chart, fill in the names of your employees. If need be, add extra rows to make accommodations for every employee name. There are tooltips to help you along in this process.

  • If an employee misses work due to vacation days, put a ‘V’ in the slot for that date. For personal or sick days, put a ‘P’ or ‘S’ in that slot, respectively.
  • After inserting all the dates, note that the Total Days row is populated with the sum of missed days of each employee. Also, there is a row under the employees that tallies up all employee absences for each day.
  • The 2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar will save you time and work in regards to keeping track of employee attendance. Record missed days and their statistics with ease with the free attendance calendar template.

Download: 2015 Employee Attendance Tracking Calendar

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