Allergies List Template

Tracking your allergies has never been easier. With the free Allergies List Template, you can use this document to quickly enter the allergies you or your children have in a list. This sheet will give people what they need to know to help you, should something happen. This template is perfect if you constantly need a babysitter or if you travel frequently. You can see how helpful this sheet will be for parents and teachers when your children are under their supervision. To get started with this free template today, just follow the set of instructions given below.

Getting Started with the Allergies List Template

The free template is available by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. To get started, just follow the link and open your newly downloaded “Allergies List Template” file.

The template is fast and simple to use. You’ll see different tables that are color-coordinated to different allergens.

If you suffer from one of these common allergies, simply enter a dot in the corresponding boxed section. There are three different categories for the dots. From the legend above, you can see the green dot is least severe and a red dot is a really bad sign.

Go through the list and enter the dot, as they correspond to your own allergies. For example, let’s say that you’re horrifically allergic to dogs. You would go to the “Animals” section and find “dog.” In the first row of each table, you will see a list of symptoms. If you suffer from itching when near a dog, you would simply enter your red dot.

Entering the number that appears in the legend above will create that color dot. For the example, a “2” will change that entry to a red dot.

Take your time to fill out the entire template with dots and print the sheet when you finish. To print your new document, just select “File” then “Print” in the Home Ribbon at the top of your screen.

Download: Allergies List Template

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