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Free Back to School PowerPoint Template

The first days back to school can be a stressful time for students and faculty. The students are shaking off the summer break, getting used to being inside all day, and building new friendships after leaving the ones they made last year. Around this, the teacher has to coax them back into a work mindset so they can make the most out of the curriculum. It seems like a monumental task, and teachers can use all the help they can get. By using the Back to School PowerPoint template, you can get all of your information across in a way that’s attention grabbing, but also fun. This customizable template is free to download, and the easy format makes it simple to insert everything you need.

How to Use the Back to School PowerPoint Template

  • Insert your identifying information. This includes standards like your name, office number and hours, email, and perhaps even phone number.
  • Include the rules of the school year, both the ones district lays out and those strictly for the classroom. Incentives (ex: pizza parties) can also be included to encourage harmonious behavior
  • Explain what the goals for the curriculum are, including important dates and events. This can be projects, tests, field trips, or just general assignments and lessons.

Tips for the Back to School PowerPoint Template

  • If you have a lot of points for a slide, bullets can keep it easy to read. Too many points, though, and students may be more focused on writing than listening!
  • Transitions between screens can be a fun way to get attention. Your Back to School PowerPoint can also include sounds, video clips, and .gif images.
  • Adding personal information about yourself may help your students relate to you more readily. Try to reserve at least one slide for aspects like hobbies, family, and pets.

The beginning of the school year can be a challenging transition for everyone. By using templates like the Back to School PowerPoint can get you past the initial preparation, and onto the rest of the year just as quickly as you hope your students will.

Download: Back to School PowerPoint Template

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