Bank Deposit Slip

bank deposit slip

Whether you’re depositing cash, coins, or checks, use this Bank Deposit Slip for your business’s banking needs. This easy-to-use deposit slip template will make trips to the bank quicker and easier.

What you will like the most about this incredible sheet is that you can instantly download this bank deposit slip absolutely free right here.

Downloading and Using the Bank Deposit Slip Template

When depositing cash or checks into your business’s bank account, be sure to use this deposit slip. The template is customizable, allowing you to put your business’s name and address at the top. With space to list up to 23 checks, this Excel template is versatile enough for almost any size business. You’ll soon find that these convenient deposit slips simplify your financial transactions and make it easier to manage your money on a daily basis. Our template is simple to use and easy to read, so you’ll spend less time filling it out and more time attending to other business matters.

In addition to this bank deposit slip template for Excel, you’ll find that our site offers many other templates and charts that can simplify both your business and your personal life.

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Download: Bank Deposit Slip.

6 thoughts on “Bank Deposit Slip

  1. Geoff

    Bank deposit slip template has an error in Cell AS3 the function needs to be changed to “ROUNDDOWN” otherwise it the sum of the cents column is more than 50 cents the dollar sum will be off by one dollar.

  2. magnoliasouth

    Just two issues which need fixing:
    1. Spelling: DEPOSITSMAY
    2. Spelling: ITMES

    Two questions:
    1. What is “=RANDBETWEEN(1111111111;9999999999)” supposed to represent?
    2. Why is the account number broken apart into three sections?
    3. I would like to enter my bank routing number followed by the account number, just as they are written on official deposit slips. Is there any reason why I should not do this?

    I do thank you for the template! 🙂

  3. Jaclyn

    am I the only one having problems with the totals? It is not adding the cash to the checks and it is way off because of it.

  4. Gina

    Thanks! Saved me having to purchase deposit slips for our business accounts. What a waste of $$$!!! Thanks bunches!

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