College GPA calculator excel template

college gpa calculator excel

Use this college GPA calculator Excel  template to monitor and track your GPA! Add your classes and grades to see your semester and cumulative GPA for the semester and year. Download this Excel college GPA calculator today!

Download: College GPA Calculator Excel

7 thoughts on “College GPA calculator excel template

  1. Kevin

    Great spreadsheet. How can I add extra semesters and keep the formula formatting and expand the viewing area to include the additional semesters?

  2. Admin

    You can copy & paste the sections but the formulas will have to be updated….The formatting will have to b updated as well if this happens…Need more details to implement this change…

  3. Tom

    Will you be able to make this into a 5 year spread sheet as many students need to go 5 years in order to complete their degree.

  4. Jeremy

    I like it the only suggestion I would have is a formula to recognize if a Class is retaken. If a student takes for example Eng Comp 1 In Fall and gets an F and in the Spring takes again and get an A their GPA would be a 4.0 not a 2.0

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