How to Set Up a Budget

How to Set Up a Budget

Do you need to save money and make sure you pay all your bills? Do you struggle with your finances and need a little help? There are ways to make sure you have a sound budget and you can learn how to set up a budget very easily. Here is how to get your budget set up for you.

The first step to setting up your budget is to write down each and every expense that you have for each month. You also need to make a list of any yearly expenses or other expenses that are not a monthly payment. This includes oil changes, license registration, fees for your kids sports, and anything else that is not a monthly bill.

Next you will need to figure out an estimate of how much money you need for Christmas, Valentines day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Easter, and any other holidays that you spend extra money on. Also, include vacations, weekend trips, and an entertainment amount in this list.

Then, you will need to figure out an estimate for how much you might need if you had a major car repair. Also, include what you would need for a health emergency if you don’t have health insurance or how much you need for your co pays and deductible if you do have insurance.

Last, you need to set up your budget. Divide all the yearly expenses by 12 so you have a monthly amount. Take your monthly net income and subtract all your monthly bills from it. Then, subtract the savings you need for all your bills that are not monthly, all your extras (holidays and vacations), and for any emergencies.

Now if you have anything left, then you need to save the majority of it and use some of it to take your family out or do something special. This is how to set up a budget the correct way. Make sure you include everything or you will have problems sticking to your budget when an unplanned expense sneaks up on you.

Click here to find forecasting excel templates on your computer.

Click here to find budgeting excel templates on your computer.

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