Credit Control List

The free Credit Control List

A credit control list is a great way to keep track of all of your accounts that you have with your customers. You will be able to place information about your customers account into the template in order to stay organized. This chart will allow you to see what accounts are delinquent on their payments and which ones are current.

How to Use a Credit Control List

Starting from the left to the right, each column is going to be titled differently. They are titled:

  • Account Number – The number of the credit card.
  • Account Name – The name of the credit card account holder.
  • Date Opened – The date the account become active.
  • Credit Line – The amount of credit the customer is allowed to use on the card.
  • Credit Available – How much funds are available for the customer to use.
  • Credit Used – How much funds the customer already charged on their account.
  • Current – Shows that the customer has made all of their payments on time.
  • 30 days – Customer is one month past due.
  • 60 days – Customer is two months past due.
  • 90+ days – Customer is three months or more past due.

Tips on Using a Credit Control List

  • The credit control list template has place for dates to be entered in the top right-hand corner. This way you can edit the dates the chart is being updated on, or time-frame it is covering.
  • You can separate your accounts by the amount of months they are past due on payments. This way you can have your collection agency properly contact the correct customers to attempt to retain payments on the account due.
  • For any information that you do not need on the credit control list, you will be able to remove it. You can add additional information as well.
  • The grey cells will automatically add up any figures that you enter in them. This way you can have a total on all of the accounts you are entering on the template.

The credit control list template is easy-to-use and can be customized to fit your needs. Be sure to download your free template today right on this page.

Download: Credit Control List

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