Drinks Price Calculator

One of the best ways to stay relevant in the bar industry is to reinvent the menu with signature cocktails that your guests will want to come back to each and every night. The only problem is that you have to remember you’re running a business as well. The Drinks Price template is a free template that helps you keep track of your ingredients and their costs so you can maximize profits based on this information and always have a list of your cocktails on hand!

Drinks Price Calculator Description

Using the free template is simple. You will be given a document that comes with an impressive reference sheet of all brands and makers of alcohol. You will simply enter the signature name of your latest and greatest creation then proceed to fill out the ingredient and cost sections of the table.

To change any of the information already listed, just click inside a cell and type something new to replace it.

The template will automatically calculate this data to give you the final price. Using industry standard prices, you can then determine the best figure to use to make your profits and get ahead of the crowd.

Using the Drinks Price Calculator Description

The first step will be to select the type of currency you want to use in the “Configuration” tab below. You can then customize the prices by brand in the “Beverage Price List” tab. Remember; the initial prices you listed in the previous tab will be added to the brand prices you enter here. This will ensure you always make a profit.

Now, the main section of your template is the “Drinks Price Calculator”. Consider this as your personal creative space in which to craft your bar’s signature drinks. The template will use the information you entered into the last two tabs and add the totals you list your ingredients for each signature drink.

Now, enter the ingredients you want for a drink into the appropriate sections and the template will display the amount you should charge for that creation to keep your bar a profitable money making machine.

Download: Drinks Price Calculator

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