Electoral College Calculator

Sometimes you may think that presidential elections are anyone’s game. Two candidates might be polling very close and at times, it’s both frustrating and nerve-racking. The Electoral College Calculator can help you organize and analyze any available information and predict the next winner of the election. Best of all, the template only requires you to click a button after the results of each state vote. Remember, a candidate only needs 270 votes to win. Download the free document and press the “Reset” button start fresh and enter this year’s election victories.

How to Use the Electoral College Calculator

Start by downloading the free template by clicking the link below.

The Electoral College has 538 electors. The votes for each state are listed in the “Votes” column. This number is decided by the number senators and house representatives for that state. For example, the state of Arizona has 10 votes for this reason.

This applies to all states but two, Nebraska and Maine. These two states allow for their votes to be split amongst the candidates that won them. In this instance, the template does not work.

Start by researching the current number of electoral votes a start has to make sure all the information is up-to-date. If not, simply click the number you want to change and enter the new figure.

Once all the information is current, you can begin entering the winners of each state and their votes. After the results for a state have been announced simply click the winner in one of the three categories: Republican, Democrat, and Third Party.

The last row of the document will calculate the total number of votes for each part to give you an accurate account of who is winning and which candidate will likely become president.

If for any reason you need to start over or you just want to use the template for next year’s election, simply click the “Reset” button to clear all the information you have entered so far.

Download: Electoral College Calculator

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