Essay Test

Most essay tests are simple exams made up of open-ended questions that require a detailed answer. These tests will also contain explicit instructions on how to correctly answer questions given to the test taker. The questions are usually required to have medium to long response lengths, depending on how intricate the answers need to be.

Sometimes, essay writers are given an exact topic on which to write about. These prompts are usually given a certain length but can be exceeded depending on the participant’s knowledge. The free Essay Test template will come in handy for those needing a simple but functional essay form.

How to Use the free Essay Test

Follow our easy to follow steps below to administer the test.

  • Once you’ve opened the template, enter test instructions that the test taker will need to follow.
  • Next, fill in the questions. Make them as open-ended as you possibly can to get the most descriptive responses.
  • Tell the participants to enter the date, name, and test administrator name.

Tips for The free Essay Test Template

  • A few days before the exam, give the participants a few preparatory questions to help them better prepare for the test. The prep questions content should be similar to the actual questions in the exam. This will help them to be able to better explain themselves come test time.
  • Make sure to leave a lot of space after each question to get a sufficient answer.
  • Administrators can add anything they need to customize the essay test template. Adding a school or class logo, changing font color or font name, or adding more questions are all easily attainable options.

Our essay test template will allow you to gauge the participant’s knowledge of the subject at hand in addition to their grammar and spelling. The ability to customize the free essay test makes it ideal for teachers and test administrators looking for detailed responses.

Download: Essay Test



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