Hospital Nurse Schedule Excel Template

screenshot of the Hospital Nurse Schedule Excel Template

Every nurse knows that consistency is not a word they would ever associate with their schedule. A nurse can be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and falling into a routine can be incredibly difficult. This nursing scheduling Excel template can be used to schedule multiple nursing staff with different shifts.  Use the Data worksheet to record your nursing departments and available shifts.  Use the schedule worksheet as your nursing schedule tool for each employee with their available shifts and hours for each day of the week. The nurse schedule template can be downloaded instantly for free right here.

Filling Out The Hospital Nurse Schedule Excel Template

The free nurse schedule template featured here is incredibly simple to use and understand. If for any reason you do not like portions of the template, feel free to change it. The beauty of a Microsoft Excel template is that they are always 100% customizable and designed to meet your needs.

You will begin filling out the template by adding the logo of your hospital or healthcare facility in the top corner. Next, input the name of the facility in the section marked “organization.” The next step is to add the name of the department. You can replace the text that reads “nursing scheduling tool” with any text you would like. This text can also be simply removed and the area can be left blank.

In the body of the nurse schedule template you will see four schedulers for the four weeks in a given month. There is ample space within each week to layout the schedules for up to seven total employees. Within each day of each will, you will input the type of shift, the number of hours and the department in which the nurse will work. The template also serves as a calculator and will tally up the total number of hours at the end of the week.

The second page attached to the nurse schedule template serves as a glossary. The terms are broken down into department and shift, but these can easily be changed to meet the needs of your hospital or health facility.

Download: Hospital Nurse Schedule Excel Template

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