Top 7 Must-Have Excel Templates to Simplify Your Life

If you have access to Microsoft Excel or a similar program, you can use it to simplify your life with these handy templates. These templates work in Excel and many of them work in the Open Office Calc program. There are many to choose from but here are the top 7 Excel templates that will simplify your finances and planning activities on a daily basis.

1.  Monthly Calendar Template: You’ll never have to buy an expensive calendar again with this template. You can create professional looking calendars for every month out of the year. You can type in important events before you print off the pages. You can also customize the calendar to make Monday the first day of the week.

2.  To-Do List Template: If you’re like most people, you have a growing to do list that needs your attention. Instead of writing your tasks down in several different places, you can stay organized with the To Do List template. The template is customizable and is very simple to use. You can type in tasks before printing or write them in later. You can even categorize your tasks to simplify your life.

3.  Printable Grocery List: Shopping for groceries is made simple with this template to keep you organized. You can classify your purchases by sections of the grocery store so you won’t have to walk all the way across the store to get the one item you forgot. The template pack also includes a general shopping list, which is helpful during the holiday season.

4.  Personal Budget Template: These days it seems like everyone is interested in saving money. If you need to budget your monthly income, this personal budget spreadsheet can make the process easy. This template helps you make a budget for the entire year. You can use the suggested spending categories or create your own so that it totally suits your needs.

5.  Expense Tracking Sheet: Once you’ve built a budget, you need to keep track of how much you are spending. This can be made easier by using the Expense Tracking Sheet. It works similar to a checkbook register, but you can use different columns for separate expenses. You can use this template for expenses in any category. It is also helpful if you are doing a major remodeling project, own a small business or want to see where your money is going.

6.  Debt Reduction Snowball Calculator: Reducing debt is a worthy goal and it can be made much easier with this spreadsheet template. There are many different ways that you can organize paying off your debt. This amortization calculator and debt spreadsheet allows you to try many different methods, including the debt snowball method, to see which one works best for your expenses. Once you play around with the different methods, you can put your plan into action.

7.  Daily Food Log: Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you’re just on a special diet, this template can come in handy. The printable template comes with three complete days on one sheet. You can write your meals and food items on separate lines and then track calories, fat grams or food groups. These seven templates just scratch the surface of what is possible with a spreadsheet program. By downloading these templates, you’ll be on your way to having a more organized and simplified life. Do a search on Google for them today and start simplifying your life tomorrow.

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