Expense Estimate Template

Download the Expense Estimate Template here.

Tracking monthly expenses is an integral part of business management. There are many options to choose from to help you track those important business expenses. Few are as user-friendly as our free Excel-based Expense Estimate Template.

Our free downloadable Expense Estimate Template makes it easy to track expenses on a monthly basis. Simply enter your figures each month in the appropriate cell and let the spreadsheet template do the math for you. Suitable for the home based business as well as larger organizations, our Expense Estimate Template is created to be used by novice users and experienced spreadsheet users alike.

Fully customizable, this template allows you to change fonts, cell fill colors and customize labels to suit your tracking needs. There is no need to purchase an expensive program to track typical business expenses; our template is free to download right from this page.

How to Use the Expense Estimate Template

  • Click here to download the free customizable template.
  • When prompted, save a copy on your computer.
  • Enter your actual expenses in the row labeled ‘Actual’, with ‘1’ representing January; continue entering figures across the sheet month by month.
  • The row labeled ‘Planned’ is for projected expenses, the figures in this row will likely differ from the ‘Actual’ row.
  • The final row at the bottom of the spreadsheet labeled ‘Variance’ automatically figures the difference between your projected expenses and your actual expenses.
  • Save a copy for each year to your computer; keeping the blank template for use in the future years.

Calculations are programmed into the Expense Estimate Template and the chart automatically fills, giving you a visual display above your figures. Remember, the entire sheet is customizable allowing you to change colors to match your company
colors or choose your favorite colors.

Using these figures, business operating expenses become a simple process to track on a monthly basis. Print and file if needed or create a folder in your computer to store completed spreadsheets for future reference and comparison.

Save your business money by downloading a free copy of our easy to use Expense Estimate Template from our site today.

Download: Expense Estimate Template

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