Family Monthly Budget Planner

How to Create a Personal Budget Free

Keeping your family’s finances in check can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Saving money can be a daunting task, whether you are saving for a weekend getaway or a new home. To ensure that your accounts stay in the black and you meet your financial goals, it is important that you have a comprehensive budget prepared to keep track of the money flowing in and out of your accounts. A family monthly budget planner can help keep you on track.

The Microsoft Office family monthly budget planner is free to all users and available by download to all Excel users. The Excel spreadsheet is completely customizable and can be altered to suit your family’s unique financial situation. Keep track of your long term and short term budgeting goals, and see where you can adjust your budget to afford the things that matter the most to your family.

How to Use the Family Monthly Budget Planner

    • Start customizing your spreadsheet by setting up the various tables to meet the specific needs of your family. Add your projected monthly budget to the table.
      • Label the larger tables with headings such as “Entertainment”, “Housing” or “Insurance”.
        • Begin breaking down the larger categories into individual items, such as “rent”, “groceries” or “dining out”.
          • For each individual item you list, the spreadsheet provides a column for you to project your expected budget for these items. Fill in how much you expect to set aside for these items every month.
            • At the end of every month, calculate the amount that you actually spent on every item and add this to the appropriate column. Add your actual monthly income to the right table as well.
              • The family monthly budget planner can calculate the difference between your projected budget and actual amount spent on each item in your spreadsheet. Notice the areas where you spent more than you projected and consider changing your projected budgets for next month.

              The family monthly budget planner free can help you to see the difference between what you think you will spend in a month, and the actual amount that you spend. By taking a closer look at your finances, and using the family budget planner to look at all of your financial decisions, you will be on your way to meeting your financial goals!

              Download the Family Monthly Budget Planner from Microsoft Office: Family Monthly Budget Planner

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