Holiday Greeting Cards

This template is a fun way to start off the holidays! The Holiday Greeting Card template has everything you need to begin writing a heartfelt letter to the people closest to you. You can even make these a festive invitation to your holiday party! All you need to do it print the template and fold it, it’s that easy! The best things in life are free, and that includes this wonderful holiday template. Start your holiday season off the right way with this colorful and holiday-themed greeting card!

Holiday Greeting Cards Guide

To get started, you’ll want to print the template by pressing the “File” button in the top left-hand corner of the page. From the drop-down menu, simply select “Print” and you’ll be well on your way to making your own greeting cards!

You’ll notice that once you’ve printed the document, there will be two sheets of paper. One sheet will have the images and one will have the text on it. The paper with the text will go on the inside of the card. Simply put both sheets together, with the images and text facing outward, and then fold down the middle, hamburger style. This will give you the perfect holiday card, and best of all it’s free!

Now you can either write a personalized greeting or letter to someone, or you can print multiple cards out to make them your invitation to a holiday celebration! There are so many possibilities with this template, so you’ll never be left without options this holiday season.

Remember, you can always type your message out before printing the document and use any font you like!

Top 3 Reasons to Use the Holiday Greeting Cards

  • Easily Customizable to fit your needs
  • Designed to print quickly and efficiently
  • Comes with a wonderful pre-written message

Download: Holiday Greeting Cards Spreadsheet

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